I've Signed up as a Consigner, What's Next?

Preparing Acceptable Items

The I.E.’s number one consignment source of high quality products!
We take great pride in being able to provide Inland Empire families with high quality and brand name items at affordable prices! We appreciate your contributions to helping us maintain our image and reputation.
Consigners are allowed to sell up to 350 item! Whoo hoo!
Sell up to 80% or more of your inventory and you can apply to become a Power Sellers! Power Sellers can apply to have their limit increased to up to 400 items.
Disclaimer: We are not considered a thrift store or large-garage sale. 
Our customers expect to find high quality and excellent condition items, similar to what they would find at a children’s store or consignment boutique. Each item will be carefully inspected at our drop off appointment. Please understand that while it may appear an item is acceptable, we know our shoppers and that some things simply will not sell. Some items will be returned to you on drop-off. We appreciate your generosity and want to help you make the most money back. Thank you for understanding!

Children’s and youth: tops, bottoms, sets, costumes, and occasion-wear in excellent/like new condition (all sizes). Check your items to ensure they are within current fashion (we recommend within the past 5 years). 
Not accepted
  • No wrinkles
  • No stains, fading or discoloration 
    • Pro tip: Holding your items up in natural lighting can help reveal stains!
  • No odors
  • No damage, tears, holes, or snags
  • No out of date clothing
    • Why? Customers are looking for current trend items and styles. Items that look dated or worn simply do not sell and will be rejected.
  • Not from Kmart, Wal-Mart, DD’s Discounts, or similar discount stores.
    • Why? These stores are already highly discounted and do not have a high chance of selling the second time around.
    • Most Target brands are acceptable, however, must be priced low in order to sell.
  • No hand made items
  • No missing pieces (buttons, ribbons, laces, etc).
Note on seasonal apparel:
For the Spring/Summer sale: Please save your Christmas outfits or Halloween costumes for our Fall sale!
We know that Southern California can be 80ºF one day, and rainy and cold the next! Because of this, we do accept most all-year-around clothing. Just keep in mind items like puffer jackets will probably sell better during our Fall sale than during our Spring/Summer sale.


Infant Clothing

This is unfortunately a very slow-selling category. Before babies are even born, it’s typical that their parents are being flooded with lots and lots of new clothing! On top of that, babies outgrow these items SO quickly! For this reason, we limit the number of items in sizes 0-18 months to up to 60 hangers per consignor.

  • We recommend grouping these items into sets or putting several items on one hanger (i.e. a set of onesies or shirts & pants sets)!
  • Pro Tip: Make things easier when entering your items and use the category “Clothing - Infant (0-18 months)” for any infant items in that size range. Clothing sizes 24+ months should be entered in another category such as “Clothing - Boys (24 mo & up)”.


Note: Must be in excellent (like new) condition. Must be cleaned inside, top, and bottom.
  • Infant and toddler (size 00-13)
  • Children’s (1-6)
  • Youth (6-12)
    • Disclaimer: Adult shoes sizes must be a style that a youth may wear (i.e. sneakers, Toms, Converse, flats, etc). Any heels or women’s shoes should be in the Women’s shoe category.
Not accepted:
  • No scuffs
  • Not signs of wear
  • No odors
  • Not old and/or Antique
  • Not missing buttons, pieces, or shoe laces
  • No damage

Licensed/branded stuffed animals and toys that move or make sound. Please ensure things are washed, clean, functioning, and double check all the pieces. All battery operated items will be tested to make sure they have the appropriate batteries and are functioning. To make things easy for yourself and for everyone - we ask that you include small parts in a Ziploc bag attached to the main part.
  • Not accepted:
    • Not faded
    • No damage
    • No stains
    • No fast food toys (i.e. No Happy Meal toys)
    • No recalled toys
    • Not potentially dangerous
    • Not missing pieces
    • No VHS/video tapes
    • No non-licensed stuffed animals or toys
      • Customers prefer branded items such as Disney, Sesame Street, etc.
    • No scribbles/writing
    • No missing pieces


  • No torn pages
  • No damaged covers
  • No torn pages
  • No writing/scribbles
  • No water damage
  • No stains
  • No spills
  • Puzzles: Please double check all the pieces!
    • No missing pieces
    • Original box
Board Games: Please double check all the pieces are intact!
    • No missing pieces
    • No damaged case or cover
    • No damaged boards or pieces
    • No stains
    • No spills
    • No water damage
    • Original box

Must be clean, functioning, and contain all necessary parts and batteries. Items will be checked and tested at drop-off to ensure proper working condition. Gear should not be more than 5 years old. Expiration dates will be checked at drop-off.
Not accepted:
  • Old (purchased 5+ years ago)
  • No recalls
  • No damage
  • No potentially dangerous items
  • No missing pieces
Car Seats:
We are not currently accepting car seats at online sales.
  • No upcoming expirations (must be at least 1 year from expiration date).
  • NOTE: If selling a car seat, you must sign the car seat safety waiver and attach to the car seat along with your tag.
  • CAR SEAT SAFETY WAIVER: click here
Bumbo Seats: 
  • MUST have the safety strap.

All appropriate furniture and decor for a nursery or child’s room. NOTE:  Large playsets and furniture cannot be donated and must be picked up if they don't sell.
Not accepted:
  • Crib bedding (size twin and larger bedding is accepted)
  • Cribs manufactured prior to Jan 2011 (due to recalls and safety legislation).

Tops, bottoms, sets, heels, and occasion-wear. We accept women’s designer and better boutique items in pristine condition. Once again, we are not a thrift store! (Top tip: Keep the season in mind! Summer dresses sell better at the Spring/Summer sale). Reminder: Please group your women’s items separately from your other item categories.
Disclaimer: We’re happy this has become a popular category! To keep our categories neat, organized, and filtered, we must limit the number of items and brands we can accept. We appreciate your cooperation and enthusiasm! Keeping guidelines in mind means more happy shoppers, less items returned to you at drop-off, and more sales for you!
Not accepted:
  • Not vintage/antique
  • Hand-made
  • Not faded
  • Not pilly
  • Old/out-of-date (sorry, grandma’s cardigan just won’t sell here)
  • No missing pieces (buttons, ribbons, laces, etc).
Brands we love:
  • Free People
  • Ann Taylor/Loft
  • Anthropologie
  • Banana Republic
  • J Crew
  • Hollister
  • BCBG
  • BeBe
  • And similar labels!
    • We also accept high-quality department store labels like Nordstrom, Bloomingdales, and Macy’s
NOTE: Up to 25 of your best women’s items
But wait, I have more!”
  • If you have a large selection of choice women’s clothing you’d like to consign, feel free to send us an email

Items to spruce up your living areas! We love to see select home decor such as candle holders, frames, artwork, vases, collectibles, lamps, decorator and designer pillows, occasional furniture, and seasonal decor. Items should be clean and in excellent, like-new condition.
Not acceptable:
  • No office supplies
  • No appliances
  • No electronics
  • No out-of-date/old fashioned decor
  • No dirt, cracks, dust, or damage
  • No stains, discoloration, or fading
  • No water damage
  • No rips or tears
  • No odors
  • No missing pieces
 NOTE: Up to 20 home decor items per consignor.

Any items that do not meet our quality standards.  We also do not accept:  Mens clothing, Underwear (except for new unopened packages), Baby Bathtubs manufactured before October 2017, Broken or Dirty Items, Bottle Nipples or Pacifiers (except for new unopened packages), Breast Pump Tubes, Opened or Expired Cans of Infant Formula, Recalled Toys or Gear, Fast Food Toys, "vintage" and handmade clothing, antique furniture, VHS or CDs.

5 Step Item Prep

Here’s what you’ll need!
  • Wire hangers (60-67lb)
  • White card stock
  • Safety pins –  1” (2.54cm) or larger
  • Tagging gun (optional)
  • Heavy duty clear packing tape
  • Ziploc bags
  • Zip ties
Pro tip: All these items can typically be found at discount and dollar stores!
Clean and Prep Your Items:
View our accepted items page for more on what to look for when examining your items!
Click here to watch a video on top tips to clean and prep your items.
Price Your Items:
Think about what you’d be willing to reasonably pay for an item. Please mark prices in 50 cent increments. (ie.: $3.50 or $4.00, not $3.99)
  • Pro tip: get some insight from family members to find what might be reasonable! One person’s cheap might be someone else’s expensive! 
  • As a general rule, mark your items around 50-75% off what it originally sold for
  • Keep in mind that Google exists! Shoppers will be able to quickly view and compare prices, and those priced best will sell first. 
It is ultimately up to your discretion what you’d like to charge for your items. That said, keep in mind that reasonably priced below-market level items will sell more quickly and are less likely to be marked down or donated at the end of a sale. 

Print your tags on your card stock. Do not use regular copy/printer paper, it just doesn’t work out.
Pro tip: Do not hand-write or cross out information on printed tags! Items look best to impress with clean printed tags.
  • Barcodes: Make sure your barcodes are printed clearly in order to scan properly during checkout. Print a test page to make sure everything looks clear and good to go! You should be able to see the complete barcode and white spaces in between. 
  • If you are printing from a Mac computer, please make sure you are in Safari for your tags to format correctly on the page. Tags printed from Explorer or Firefox will sometimes result in the last two tags on the page getting cut off and printing on a second page.
  • Make sure the pop-up blocker is turned off in order for tags to generate.

NOTE: If you change your mind on the price of an item, you MUST reprint your tag because the bar code will be different. Do not hand write a new price on the tag. At the sale, we will honor the price on the tag so please make sure you have attached the proper tag to your item.

(In-Person Sales Only) For items not marked for donation (see step 5), you can customize your tags with a unique stamp on the lower left hand side. This personlizes your items and helps us organizationally too! (This This would be in the location where the donation symbol would appear.) Please make sure that the stamp you use to identify your tags is identical on every tag. Tags marked for donation DO NOT need to be stamped. 
Pro tip: 
The color yellow tends not to show up! (So sad, we love yellow, too).
Don’t try to “dress-up” your tags with stickers or hand written elements like smiley faces, stars, hearts, or other common themes. Also no handwritten marks or initials. It may look cute to you but clean and professional is what we’re going for! 

Mark your discounts and donations.
Items sell for full price Thurs-Sun, with Monday being 50% off day. It’s up to you whether you would like certain item(s) to be discounted! Click the discount box on the tagging program to let us know if you’d like it to be discounted on discount day. 
Pro tip: We highly recommend discounting your items. Items that are not discounted have a very low chance of selling on the final day when shoppers are in “bargain mode”.
Donations: (In-person sales only) Click the donate box if you wish to donate your unsold items to our partner charities. It’s up to you if you choose to donate some items and not others. Items marked for donation will be automatically discounted. 
Pro tip: Consignors who “DONATE ALL” will earn an extra 5% on their check! 

Attach your tags. 

Attach tags to clothing by using a safety pin or tagging gun.  Pin tags to the right-hand corner of clothing.  If using a tagging gun, please attach the barb in the tag or the seam under the arm to avoid tearing holes in your clothing items.

Tape tags to Ziploc bags, toys, books, etc with clear packing tape.

Tags can be pinned, taped, or zip-tied to strollers and other baby gear. Just make sure the tag is easily visible and securely attached.

For extra strength, you can “laminate” the top of the tag with clear packing tape before pinning to prevent tag tearing. 

Multi-piece Tagging

If you have a large item with multiple pieces that might get separated.  Only print a tag for the main part.  Put a piece of masking tape on the extra pieces and label them with your consignor number and a number identifying each piece.  (1 of 4, 2 of 4, etc).  

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