Our Story

Why Savvy Clic?

"Savvy" means, "Experienced and well informed" while "Chic" means "Elegantly and stylishy fashionable." We love being able to help shoppers and sellers both buy and provide great deals that look and feel great.

Savvy Chic Kids was founded in 2008 by three working moms who sought to bring the benefits of finding community and good deals to parents just like them.

We noticed many women like us struggled with spending money on pricey items that would only be used for a short period of time. Few had time or extra dollars to spend on themselves. Enter the newfound world of consignment events. This undiscovered gem not only brought us together, it brought the solution to finding affordable and high quality items into our lives, in a vastly different experience than thrifting presented. We knew that more parents had to take advantage of consignment events, whether they were on tight budgets or just enjoyed finding good deals, and thus the idea for Savvy Chic Kids was born.

Today, Savvy Chic Kids is headed by Lisa and Yoli - two founders who work around the clock between their busy lives as moms, their families, and their full time jobs to make these events happen. They find their work deeply enriching and fun, and love the honest joy they get to bring to the community.

“Helping other families, spending time with the consignors, volunteers, and shoppers who have become friends is priceless. We are eternally grateful for you all!” – Love, Lisa and Yoli